Meet the artist

Part of a naturally hardworking and creative family, I’ve always been drawn to art and love getting my hands dirty.

As I grew up exploring various art and crafts, I decided to pursue illustration at Winthrop University – perfectly combining my fine art tendencies with my problem-solving brain.

I spent several years as a corporate graphic designer by day and spent evenings and weekends sharpening my mural painting skills. My interest in murals, a new-to-me medium, emerged through my close relationship with my grandfather, who honed his craft over decades as a sign painter and muralist.

I followed his lead, and now spend my days covered in paint, creating and making for a wide variety of clients in Charlotte, NC and beyond! I love a good coffee, a long walk with my two boxers, and a daily dose of true crime.

The Origin Of Amber Thompson Design Co.

With a lifetime of classic sign painting experience and over 30 years of working in the Coca-Cola sign shop, my grandfather, or Paw-paw as we called him, was an expert in the art of sign painting.

After graduating from college, he took me along as an apprentice on several Coca-Cola “ghost sign” restorations, showing me the ropes of old fashioned sign painting and hand lettering. He passed away the following year, which bittersweetly “grandfathered” me into working on large scale projects in his place.

After establishing my own working relationship with Coca-Cola, I’ve used the skills gained from Paw-Paw to translate my own art and style into large scale painted work.

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